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Statistics & Research

Management Information Branch

The main aim of Management Information Branch is to provide the Public Prosecution Service with a professional statistics, research and consultancy service.

Currently we have a complement of three statisticians on loan from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.

In this section you can find statistical information on key topic areas within the Public Prosecution Service. Simply click the link most appropriate to your needs on the menu to the left.

All of our published statistics comply with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics and are produced in line with best practice. Additional information on this can be found under the Official Statistics link on the menu to the left.

Recent Publications

The latest version of the Statistical Bulletin on cases involving hate crime was published on 2nd August 2016. It provides information for the full 2015/16 financial year (i.e. 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016) and includes comparisons with 2014/15. This publication is accessible via the menu on the left hand side, under the ‘Thematic Statistical Bulletins’ link.

An additional bulletin presenting the findings of the Northern Ireland Omnibus Survey, “Perceptions of the Public Prosecution Service” was published on 28th July 2016. The bulletin provided information in respect of the latest survey, conducted in April/May 2016, and includes comparisons with the previous survey in January 2015. Where appropriate, information from earlier years is also provided. This publication is accessible via the menu on the left hand side, under the ‘Surveys and Research’ link.

Quarterly Statistical Bulletin

The PPS also publishes a regular Quarterly Statistical Bulletin which presents an overview of caseloads, decisions and outcomes. These bulletins will be published at 9.30am on the following dates:

1. Statistical Bulletin Quarter 1 2016/17 (April to June 2016): Publication date 25th August 2016.

2. Statistical Bulletin Quarters 1-2 2016/17 (April to September 2016): Publication date 17th November 2016.

3. Statistical Bulletin Quarters 1-3 2016/17 (April to December 2016): Publication date 16th February 2017.

4. Statistical Bulletin Quarters 1-4 2016/17 (April 2016 to March 2017): Publication date 15th June 2017.

Previous Quarterly Statistical Bulletins can be found via the menu to the left.

Contact Us


If you have any queries regarding the statistical information produced by the PPS, or if you have an information request, please contact:

Central Management Unit
Public Prosecution Service
Belfast Chambers
93 Chichester Street

Telephone: 02890 897100
Deaf/hard of hearing (SMS): 07795 675528