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How we use cookies
The PPS site and some of the tools and services it links to use a number of cookies. These cookies are listed below with more details about why we use them and how long they will last.

Measuring website usage
We use Webtrends to collect information about how people use the PPS website. We do this to make sure it’s meeting people's needs and to understand how we could meet those needs better.

Webtrends stores information about what pages you visit, how long you are on the site, how you got here and what you click on. We do not collect or store your personal details such as your name or address. We cannot identify who you are.

We do not allow Webtrends to use or share any information we collect with other third parties.

Name of cookie Typical contentExpires 
WT_FPCRandomly generated number including your anonymised public IP address2 years

Cookie Notification
PPS uses cookies to remember if you have received the cookie warning message so that this message doesn't appear more than once.

Name of cookie Typical content Expires 

PPS uses cookies to store search queries so that search results are consistent across pages and to store the last page you accessed before a search so that you can be redirected back to the correct page.

Name of cookie Typical content Expires 
ASP.NET_SessionIdRandomly generated stringSession
LastAccessedPathThe address of the last page you accessedSession