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Publication Scheme

The PPS Publication Scheme has indicators to show where a fee may be levied.

The following could apply to information you may seek:

  • Free of charge on the website (i.e. there is no charge by us, but the user will have to meet any charges by their Internet service provider, personal printing costs, etc.). Many public libraries have internet facilities; however, for those without Internet access, a single print-out as on the website would be available by post from the relevant publication scheme co-ordinator.


  • Requests to the department for print outs or for archived copies of documents which are no longer available on the web, will attract a charge for the cost of retrieval, photocopying, postage etc. We will let you know the cost at the time of your request. Any charge will be payable in advance. Where individuals can demonstrate that it is not practicable for them to access the information electronically via the website and where the publication scheme does not indicate that paper copies are available, we will consider the most appropriate method of providing access to the information.


  • We reserve the right to charge for large documents, e.g. manuals or for multiple copies of smaller documents. We will inform you of the cost on request. If the cost of responding is calculated to exceed "the appropriate limit" under Section 12 of the Act, then it is unlikely that the Department will supply the information requested.


  • There will be a charge for providing some of the information included in our scheme. Any charges payable under the scheme will need to be paid in advance.

From time to time some items will be revised or no longer be used. Please note that it will not always be possible to provide out of date or out of print material.

For further information on the PPS Publication Scheme, please click on the links below: