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Requests for Review

Victims of Crime - Requesting a Review of a Decision Not to Prosecute

The public should be able to rely on decisions as to prosecution taken by the PPS. Generally, if the PPS tells a suspect that there will not be a prosecution, that is the end of the matter and the case will not start again.

However, if you are the victim of a crime, we understand the impact this can have on you, your family and your way of life. That’s why you have a right to ask us to review a decision we have taken not to prosecute. 

The guide below sets out the steps you should take to make such a request.

Victims of Crime: Requesting a Review of a Decision Not to Prosecute 

More information about how we make decisions can be found in our Code for Prosecutors.

In order to help you to provide all necessary information, a request for review form is available to download here. Central Management Unit will also forward a copy of the form by post or e-mail on request.

If you have any difficulty in completing the request form, you can get help and advice from PPS Central Management Unit by calling on 02890 897100. 

For the deaf/hard of hearing, a SMS text service is also available on 07795 675528.