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In delivering our services to the community, we will adhere to the following values:

Independence, Fairness and Impartiality

We will maintain our independence rejecting any improper or inappropriate influence or pressure. We will take decisions without fear, favour or prejudice. We will act at all times with integrity and impartiality. We will behave in a manner that is always honest, fair and accountable, in accordance with law, respecting the human rights of all persons. We will serve the administration of justice and uphold the principles of public service. We will ensure that the decisions we reach are taken independently and fairly.

Shared Purpose, Personal Responsibility and Diversity

We will share a common purpose. Staff will be empowered and everyone will see how his or her role fits within the organisation. We will promote continual learning and development that offers everyone the opportunity to reach his or her potential. We will respect individual differences and acknowledge that each of us has a unique contribution to make. We will take responsibility for what we say and do. We will lead by example and work together to generate commitment and respect and recognise success giving credit where credit is due. We will provide a prosecution service in which people of Northern Ireland can have confidence.


We will make the best use of people and resources to achieve excellence in everything we do. We will meet defined quality standards, continuously review our performance and change where this is necessary to achieve our vision. We will measure our performance against realistic yet challenging goals and reward performance on merit. We will be receptive to innovation and modernisation.

Communication and Partnership

We will communicate openly and honestly at all times showing courtesy, sensitivity and understanding, in accordance with our professional duties. We will work in partnership with colleagues within the organisation and in the criminal justice system to better serve this community. We will offer a service that is accessible whilst maintaining independence and impartiality.