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PPS Vision and Aim

The PPS vision and aim reflect our ambition to provide the highest standard of service and support the shared purpose agreed with our partners within the Criminal Justice System Northern Ireland (CJSNI): to deliver a criminal justice system which serves and protects the people of Northern Ireland and in which the whole community can have confidence.

To be recognised as providing a first class prosecution service for the people of Northern Ireland.

The aim of the Public Prosecution Service is to provide the people of Northern Ireland with an independent, fair and effective prosecution service.

The Service will be wholly independent of both police and Government; its decisions will be impartial. based on an independent and impartial assessment of the available evidence and the public interest.

All actions will be undertaken with complete impartiality, to the highest ethical and professional standards. All persons, including those accused of offences, will be treated fairly. All victims and witnesses will be treated with respect and sensitivity.

All prosecution decisions will be taken and every prosecution conducted in an effective and efficient manner. We will provide value for money, while delivering a timely and quality service.