PPS launch new website

20 November 2019

PPS website front page

The PPS has launched a new website featuring over 60 pages of new content.

The new website was designed to be more user-friendly for victims and for people with no prior experience of the criminal justice system.

Some of the new features include:

  • Legal terms explained - A definition of some of the most common and often misunderstood terminology in the criminal justice system
  • Crime types - Precise information on how the PPS handles complex case types including Domestic Violence, Sexual Offending and Hate Crime
  • Victim and Witness Information area - This includes an overview of the prosecution process and what you can expect when you attend court
  • Statistics and Research - A dedicated section for statistical information produced by the PPS

The site launch is also the first time a new PPS logo and branding has been made public.

The Director Stephen Herron said: “The new PPS website is a welcome addition to the range of services to the public we already provide to a high standard, and particularly to victims and witnesses. The site, combined with a refresh of the PPS logo, reflects the modern, forward-thinking service we strive for. We hope the new content reflects both the quality and professionalism of our work, and that it will play an important part in enhancing public confidence in the effectiveness of the service we provide.”

In the coming weeks, the PPS will be engaging again with partners in the criminal justice system and stakeholder groups to gather their feedback on the new site and to identify further ways we can develop the site further.

Conor McLoughlin, Digital Communications Manager, said: “The new website is a very positive development for the PPS as we are presenting information to victims and witnesses in an accessible and direct tone. We have worked to ensure the website is organised in an intuitive fashion, meaning users can quickly find the information they require.”



For website enquiries, please contact the Digital Communication Manager on 02890 897072.