PPS statement on Soldier F Divisional Court ruling

23 March 2022

The Director of Public Prosecutions Stephen Herron said:  “Today’s Divisional Court ruling in relation to the PPS decision to discontinue proceedings against Soldier F, acknowledged the difficult and complex legal issues faced by prosecutors when assessing the admissibility of statements made by soldiers in particular circumstances in 1972.  

“The team involved in the Soldier F prosecution will take time to consider the full detail of the written judgement, when available, and its impact on these proceedings.  We will update the District Judge and the parties directly involved in the Soldier F prosecution on the outcome of this process at the earliest opportunity.

“Today’s ruling also upheld the original PPS decisions taken not to prosecute other soldiers reported in relation to events on Bloody Sunday in January 1972.

“I would like to acknowledge the lasting pain and frustration of the families involved in these Judicial Review proceedings and their wider campaign for truth and justice. It is important that we effectively engage with the families and we are committed to doing so.”