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The PPS, like all designated public authorities, is required under this legislation “in carrying out its relevant functions to have due regard to the need to promote equality of opportunity between:-
  • persons of different religious belief, political opinion, racial group, age, marital status or sexual orientation;
  • men and women generally;
  • persons with a disability and persons without; and
  • persons with dependants and persons without.”

Matters relating to the prosecution of offences are excluded from Section 75 by Section 38 of the Justice (Northern Ireland) Act 2002.

The PPS Equality Scheme
The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland approved the PPS's Equality Scheme on the 28th of March 2012 following a consultation period.

The PPS Equality Scheme sets out how we intend to comply with the equality duties and promote equality of opportunity and good relations in carrying out its functions, powers and duties. The Equality Scheme sets out how the organisation will put structures in place to effectively assess and report on the equality impact of its policies; and consult with relevant groups on policy development where appropriate.

The Equality Scheme can be accessed via the link below

 PPS Equality Scheme

The Equality Commission ( requires public authorities to submit a yearly report on progress with the implementation of Section 75 commitments, and these and other reports will be made available on this site as they become available.

 PPS Equality Action Plan 2018-19

 Summary of Consultation Responses - Equality Action Plan 2017-18
 Summary of Consultation Responses on Equality Scheme (July 2011)

 Summary of Joint Consultation Responses (Jan 2012)

Summary of Consultation Responses (Feb 2016)

Disability Action Plan

  PPS Disability Action Plan 2018-19

 Summary of Consultation Responses - Disability Action Plan 2017-18

Annual Progress Reports to the Equality Commission

PPS Annual Progress Report 2017-18

 PPS Annual Progress Report 2016-17

PPS Annual Progress Report 2015-16

PPS Annual S75 - Disability Duties Progress Report 2014-15

Annual s75 Disability Duties Progress Report 2013-14

Annual s75 & Disability Duties Progress Report 2012-13

S75 Annual Report 2011-12.pdf

 Annual Progress Report 2010-11

 Annual Progress Report 2009-10

Adobe Icon Annual Progress Report 2008-09

Adobe Icon Annual Progress Report 2007-08

Consultation Guidance

PPS Users Guide on Consultation - February 2013

Current Consultations

PPS Disability Action Plan 2018-19

PPS Equality Action Plan 2018-19

Equality and Human Rights Screening Forms

PPS Screening Form - Guidelines for the Prosecution of Young Offenders (February 2019)

PPS Equality Screening Form - Redeployment under Legal Grading Review

PPS Victim and Witness Expenses Policy - Equality Screening Form (December 2016)

PPS Serious Crime Unit - Equality Screening Form (August 2016)

PPS Victim and Witness Policy Equality Screening form (June 2016)

Closure of Regional Offices Screening Form -internet version

Closure of Linum Chambers Screening Form - internet version

Temp Promotion Policy (Admin) Equality Screening form (June 2015)

Code for Prosecutors Screening Form (May 2015)

Pdf IconPublic Prosecution Fees Scheme - March 2015

PPS screening form - PPS Prosecution Quality Standards

PPS Policy for Handling Complaints - Review 2014 (Internet Version) .pdf

PPS Screening Form - Procurement Policy (April 2014)

Business case screening form (March 2014) .pdf

VWCU Screening Form.pdf

PPS Screening Form - revised Anti-Fraud Policy and Fraud Response Plan - Feb 2013 final.pdf

  PPS Equality Screening Form - Public Prosecution Fees Scheme - Sept 2012.pdf

   PPS Procurement Policy JAN12.pdf

   PPS Vetting Policy - JAN12.pdf

   Community Outreach Strategy - JAN12.pdf

   PPS Policy for Handling Complaints - JAN12.pdf

   PPS Equality Screening Form PPS Policy for Prosecuting Cases of Human Trafficking May12.pdf

 Pdf Icon   PPS Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy - May 12.pdf

Equality Screening Update

PPS Consultee Update April 2017

PPS Consultee Update January 2017

PPS Consultee Update 30 September 2016

PPS Consultee Update June 2016

PPS Consultee Update March 2016

PPS Consultee Update January 2016

PPS Consultee Update - October 2015

Pdf IconPPS Consultee Update July 2015

Pdf IconPPS Consultee Update April 2015

Pdf IconPPS Section 75 Screening Report - October to December 2014

Pdf IconOctober 2014 Consultee Letter.pdf

July 2014 Consultee Letter

PPS Consultee Letter April 2014.pdf

January 2014 Consultee Letter.pdf

September 2013 Consultee Letter.pdf

June 2013 Consultee Letter.pdf

March 2013 Consultee Letter.pdf

 December 2012 Consultee Letter.pdf

September 2012 consultee letter.pdf

 June 2012 consultee letter.pdf

  March 2012 consultee letter.pdf

  Aug 2011 consultee letter.pdf

For further information on any of the above documents or to request documents in alternative formats, please contact Anna Scott by either 

Telephone:    (028) 90544870
Fax:              (028) 90544868
Text phone    (028) 90544896