Quality Standards

Prosecution quality standards

The public can assess how we perform by our Prosecution Quality Standards.

The indicators used to measure our performance and quality against the standards are found in the Prosecution Quality Standards publication, which you can access by clicking the link.

The five Prosecution Quality Standards are:

1. Providing advice and assistance to police and other investigatorsWe will provide the police and other investigators with advice and assistance in tackling crime and bringing offenders to justice.
2.Taking decisionsWe will take fair, effective and timely prosecution decisions in accordance with the Code for Prosecutors and Code of Ethics.
3.Preparation of casesWe will prepare our case promptly and in accordance with the Code for Prosecutors so that they can be dealt with quickly and fairly.
4. Presenting cases at courtWe will present our cases fairly and firmly.
5. Informing and supporting victims and witnessesWe will assess the needs of victims and witnesses, keep them informed about the progress of their case and seek appropriate support to help them give their best evidence.

Standards of Advocacy

Advocacy is central to our work as prosecutors.  Public Prosecutors, who are barristers or solicitors employed by the PPS, conduct most of the prosecutions heard in the Magistrates’ and Youth Courts, and appeals to the County Court. 

More serious offences prosecuted in the Crown Court are generally conducted by external counsel or in-house Higher Court Advocates (HCAs). External counsel also cover cases at the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

Whether it is one of our own prosecutors, or external counsel who have been instructed by us to act as prosecuting counsel, the very highest standards of advocacy are essential.

These Standards of Advocacy set out what we expect of everyone who prosecutes on our behalf.  By adhering to them we will act impartially and in the interests of justice at all times. You can read the Standards by clicking the link below:

PPS Standards of Advocacy