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Victims and Witnesses

Victims and Witnesses
The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) is very much aware of the importance of victims and witnesses in ensuring the criminal justice system operates effectively. Victims and witnesses play a vital role in co-operating with an investigation and in giving evidence at court. Without this assistance many cases would not be detected or prosecuted.

Being the subject of, or witnessing a crime is often a traumatic experience. The PPS recognises that engaging with the criminal justice system can, in some cases, add to the stresses created by the experience. It is vital therefore that victims and witnesses are given the support, information and services they need to minimise the disruption and upset caused to them, while enabling them to give evidence in an effective manner.

PPS policy documents sets out the services victims and witnesses can expect to receive from the PPS. These services are the PPS's commitment to giving victims and witnesses the type of assistance and information they require to ensure their effective participation in the criminal justice system.

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