PPS publishes details of payment made to External Counsel 2012-13

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The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) today published details of the £4.945M payments it made to external counsel during the financial year 2012-13. 
The PPS employs the services of external counsel in the prosecution of certain cases, primarily in the Crown and higher courts, drawn in the main from a panel of members of the Northern Ireland Bar.  

Notes to Editors 

Details paid to counsel are set out in the table below. 
Panel members are selected by means of a procurement exercise conducted in 2008 and revised in November 2012. Successful applicants demonstrated the necessary breadth of skills and professional competence to prosecute on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions. 

Public Prosecution Services for Northern Ireland: Counsel Fees 2012-13 

External Counsel: Fee payments during 2012-13 

Payment BandNumber of Counsel*
£25k and under42
£25k   - £50k13
£50k   - £75k9
£75k   - £100k14
£100k - £125k5
£125k - £150k4
£150k - £175k3
£175k - £200k0
£200k - £225k1
£225k - £250k1
£250k - £275k1

*Includes non-panel counsel