Operation Kenova - summary of decisions not to prosecute


The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) recognises the significant level of public interest in the Operation Kenova investigations and in the decisions as to prosecution in relation to individuals who have been reported by the Kenova investigation team. The PPS considers that, in the interests of transparency and the maintenance of public confidence, it is important that it provides a public explanation of the reasons for the decisions not to prosecute a number of individuals reported for offences connected with the Kenova investigation. This document below makes publicly available a summary of no prosecution decisions that have now issued, and the reasons for them.

A separate public statement issued on 29th October 2020 in respect of decisions not to prosecute four persons reported to the PPS by Operation Kenova in October 2018. Those decisions were in connection with an allegation that an individual committed perjury in the course of making affidavits sworn between 2003 and 2006.