Statistical Publication: Cases Involving Hate Crime 2018/19

15 August 2019
Statistical reports

27th September 2019: Users are asked to note that a revision was made to Statistical Bulletin: Cases Involving Hate Crime 2018/19 at note 2 to Table 9 (and accompanying commentary on page 17). The revision relates to the number of defendants prosecuted in court on the basis that the alleged offences were aggravated by hostility. The number of 14 provided in the publication on 15th August 2019 has now been revised to 13.

This bulletin is set out in two parts:

In Part One, Tables 1 – 6 present key statistics in relation to cases involving hate crime submitted to the PPS by the PSNI.
In Part Two, Tables 7 - 10 present key statistics in relation to cases considered by a prosecutor to have involved hate crime which was ‘aggravated by hostility’.

The statistical information provided in this bulletin includes caseloads, prosecutorial decisions and the outcomes of prosecutions at court. Figures are provided for the full 2018/19 financial year (i.e. 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019) and include comparisons for the equivalent period in 2017/18.

Figures in respect of defendants whose cases were presented in court as ‘aggravated by hostility’ and the number who received enhanced sentences have also been included.